• With specific relevance for the life insurance industry, InvestPro™Analytics is a new web-based reporting and control tool for fund administration. It provides real-time investment data for key decision makers and risk controllers.
  • The software allows life companies to connect data across various databases into customisable reports and dashboards for quick assimilation.

Dublin, 05 March 2014 – Financial Risk Solutions Limited (FRS), a leading provider of unit pricing and investment administration software for the life insurance industry, announces the launch of its new Business Intelligence software, InvestPro™Analytics.

InvestPro™Analytics provides life company executives and operational staff with access to real-time investment administration data through its graphical, user specific and customisable dashboards. It was developed in response to market demand for more real-time actionable data and is already being implemented by 3 existing FRS clients.

Frank Carr, Chief Marketing Officer at FRS says “Business Intelligence is critical in order to efficiently run a successful life company today. The InvestPro™ Analytics Business Intelligence tool gives users the ability to quickly access and interpret data for decision-making, exception reporting, effective risk-management - thereby empowering decision-making and reducing risk and costs.

And with the pending Solvency II deadline, having a real-time view of overall asset exposures will assist in addressing the regulatory changes underway.”

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Notes to Editor

About Financial Risk Solutions (FRS)

Financial Risk Solutions Ltd (FRS) is a leading provider of unit pricing and investment administration software specifically designed for the Life Assurance industry. It was founded in 1999 by actuaries and IT specialists and is one of the leading software providers in its sector.

Its Invest|Pro™ product suite is a recognised leading benchmark in the life assurance investment administration market and clients are some of the biggest brands in Life Assurance and Third Party Administration including Accenture Insurance Services, MetLife, and IFDS.

Invest|Pro™ is a modular software system for investment administration that can manage unit pricing and portfolio valuations, asset/liability unit matching, box management, trade order management, investment accounting, financial reporting and compliance with investment mandates in a single application. Product types covered include unit-linked funds, portfolio bonds, self-invested/directed pensions, shareholder funds and with-profit funds.

For more information visit http://www.frsltd.com