InvestPro intelligent reporting module based on .Net platform rolled out.

Dublin, 10 March 2003 — Ireland’s largest provider of fund administration software to life assurance companies, Financial Risk Solutions (FRS), today announced the addition of a powerful new reporting module based on the latest .Net platform to its flagship product: InvestPro.

InvestPro sits between the administration system that holds policyholder data and the trading system/external investment managers, enabling companies to administer unit trusts, life assurance funds, mutual funds and personal portfolio bonds in a controlled, resource efficient manner.

Administering in excess of €8 billion daily for Europe’s leading financial services groups, InvestPro is a fully integrated, end-to-end solution that enables more funds to be administered by fewer people, in less time, with more control.

“FRS is very excited to unveil a new reporting module developed under Microsoft’s .NET platform — a significant addition to our current offerings. This module advances FRS’s innovative InvestPro by providing a scalable and multi-functional solution to the fund administration market,” said Frank Carr, Head of Sales & Marketing, FRS. “We receive increasing interest from the financial services industry as a result of our ongoing investment in new technology and our contribution to the administration of funds.”