DC Fund Processing | In a scalable, controlled environment using Invest|Pro™ software

Cash Allocations - Appropriations

What it does for you

  • Integrates with your business systems to capture your customer fund request
  • Creates new shares/units in collective funds directly from client cashflows
  • Converts unit/share movements in fund of funds into movements into underlying base funds across any number of layers
  • Algorithmic calculation of trade orders and automatic placement of trades to market
  • Synchronize the timing of trade execution and unit creation

With the Invest|Pro™ cash allocation module you will get the best solution in the market to manage the complex procedures involved in capturing your customers cash movements into your top level collective funds and converting these through the levels to ultimately determine the trade orders that take place. Invest|Pro™ has the best functionality for the complex process of dealing with forecast cashflows – this is where in order to comply with investment mandates and to ensure the other unitholders do not get diluted by daily cash positions Invest|Pro™ supports the generation of forecast cashflows from estimated data in advance of the asset valuation points.

Invest|Pro™ has advanced FoF technology that allows for incredible scale – an unlimited number of higher level funds can sit across your base level collective funds and large increases in number of the higher level funds add no marginal time or staff cost to the daily investment processes.

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