DC Fund Processing | In a scalable, controlled environment using Invest|Pro™ software

Fund Accounts

What it does for you

  • Full general ledger containing the chart of accounts for all the investment activity of your company
  • Integration with main accounting systems to allow for efficient population of the corporate financial systems
  • Reduce your operational risk with daily reconciliation of your accounts with Invest|Pro™ valuation calculations

Invest|Pro™ contains a fully functional built in general ledger which is used to general financial statements in respect of the portfolios (portfolio balance sheets and revenue accounts).

With Invest|Pro™ you integrate your corporate general ledger directly to Invest|Pro™ with our mapping tool which allows you to align the Invest|Pro™ chart of accounts to the corporate chart of accounts.

The data within the general ledger is available as part of the Invest|Pro™ analytics module which allows you to build your own reports for internal risk management. The Invest|Pro™ investment rules module can also access the general legder allowing you to build a rich set of controls around the financial statements which will be constantly checked and recorded within the audit logs.

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