Outsourcer Supervision | Monitor your company's outsourcing arrangements

  • Meet your regulatory requirements for BPO control
  • Efficiently view your outsourcers operations and their application of your business rules
  • Monitor your investment data by creating performance metrics with sophisticated alerting functionality if breaches occur
  • View full audit log of all rule breaches and investment activity on BPO operations

With Invest|Pro™ you can efficiently view BPO data on a cloud or host in your own environment. Data transferred from the BPO provider can be used to in-source enterprise critical activities on the Invest|Pro™ system in the case of BPO failure.

To effectively monitor the contractual requirements that your outsourced partners need to adhere to, your company needs to establishopen data flowand performance metrics with the outsourcer. Regulatory and corporate governance standards now require you to closely manage and control the activities BPO providers carry out on your behalf.


Invest|Pro™ integrates with your existing business systems so that the functions that are already carried out by these systems are maintained and not duplicated.

Online Functionality

It can be integrated into your existing customer web offering (single sign-on) and allow customers to buy and sell assets, switch assets and view online valuations of their portfolios.

Asset Choice

Invest|Pro™ handles a huge range of asset types including equities, fixed interest, discretionary accounts, derivatives and real estate allowing the client to use your company as their central wealth management package.