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Task Scheduler

What it does for you

  • Bring efficiencies to your investment process - Task Scheduler allows complex multi-stage investment processes to be run by high powered servers
  • Remove risk of human error in data entry and process management
  • Allow for round the clock business processing with sophisticated time scheduling and dependency management of automatic processes
  • Automatic altering for issues raised in automatic processing
  • Future proof with massive scalability potential using a server farm

Your investment administration processes can be configured on Invest|Pro™ to be processed as individual tasks. Once these tasks are ready to be processed the server control application takes each task and allocates it to one or more worker servers. Worker servers can be added and removed from the Invest|Pro™ server farm at any time with zero downtime. With this architecture you will achieve maximum efficiency, future proof in line with your growth plans and ensure that manual activities on your investment systems are kept to a minimum.

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