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Rules Management

What it does for you

    Recently a new generation of life assurance product has emerged which offers individual policyholders the following benefits:
  • Selection of any protection percentage level and any term
  • A personalised match based on risk appetite
  • A tailored asset mix based on a pre-qualified menu of fund managers
  • A guaranteed investment return with flexibility for the investor
  • Creates an important advisory role for the client advisor to introduce, explain, oversee and review

In essence iCPPi offers protection against a chosen percentage of an individual’s investment (say 80%) so that in falling markets, the strategy allocates more towards the safer assets, while in improving markets, the strategy allocates more to the risky assets. By taking this approach the iCPPI product undertakes to best manage this trade-off between returns from risky assets and the cost of protecting the individual policyholders investment.

In addition, there is typically a good choice of best-of-breed investment managers’ funds and bond providers for the investor and their advisor to choose from.

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