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What it does for you

  • Produce lightning fast valuations of your investment portfolios
  • Unlimited scalability using Invest|ProTM server farm technologies
  • Gives you fully drilldown auditable records of past valuations independent of transactional data
  • Exception based reporting in conjunction with the Invest|ProTM investment rules engine

Valuations of investment portfolios is a core part of what your business does whether the valuations are for client statements or for internal MI, statutory accounts or regulatory reporting. Invest|Pro calculates portfolio valuations from the ground up, using only data in the transactional database. Valuations are then checked against fund accounts data giving an industry leading control check on the quality of the asset and liability valuations.

With Invest|Pro you get the fastest valuations, the best controls and the most comprehensive drilldown report sets via our web based Analytics application.

The following features are incorporated within the Invest | Pro™ valuation module:

  • FoF valuation functionality
  • NAV/Unit price calculations
  • All major asset classes covered
  • Links to external data providers for standing asset data, corporate actions and market price data
  • Accounting for asset disposals on either the first-in first out (FIFO) basis or the average cost basis.
  • Creation and cancellation basis pricing
  • Complex fund charging structures
  • Allowance for UK ‘I-E’ taxation provisions for life funds
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