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Fund Launcher

What it does for you

  • Industrialised software for a controlled fund launching process
  • Each stage of launching a fund involving finance, IT, audit, compliance, marketing, legal etc. is optimised and follows an agreed workflow
  • Often previously silo-ised sign-off processed are efficiently optimised using workflow
  • Fund launcher is also used for relaunching, closing and consolidating funds

Fund launch sign-off and oversight:

Each stage of the fund launch and the steps within each stage have a pre-agreed sign off process and there is a constant visible throughput of activity relating to the launching of each fund. One of the strengths of Invest|Pro™ Fund Launcher is that bottlenecks and hold-ups are swiftly identified in a non-political way so that disruption is minimal and temporary. Business intelligence functionality provides peak and trough analysis to best manage these variances for each company and no fund can be launched or re-launched until all of the appropriate pre-set sign off elements are completed.

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