Eliminate Outsourcing Risk
With Invest|Pro™
Fund Pricing Oversight

Regulatory Risk

Financial Risk

Reputational & Brand Risk

Invest|Pro™ is your risk control centre for outsourced functions.

Discharge your responsibility to oversee outsourcers and their functional processes on your data.

Invest|Pro™ Oversight

Data Load

Valuation Details
& Unit Prices

Units on Issue
& Benchmarks

Independent Market Data


& Sign-Off

Users can "Add", "Enable" or "Disable" rules, set the rule severity, edit rule conditions, add comments to rule exception, update exception message.

Prioritising the most impactful issues to be investigated and corrected first.

Pre-defined template and rules set.

Analysis of exceptions and alerts, and the ability to stop down-stream processes.

Optimum Operating Model Solutions

Best-of-breed validation alerts

Automated & exception based

Interactive data visualisation

Audit trail & reporting

Easy configuration

Intuitive user interface

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"40% of regulated firms are planning further outsourcing activity in the next 12-18 months"

"82 asset management sector firms have almost 1000 outsourcing arrangements in place with the top 100 OSPs"

"12 – 15% of critical or important outsourcing arrangements undertaken by regulated firms surveyed, are further outsourced to sub-contractors."

CBI - Nov 2018

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