Cash Allocation and Rebalancing

Cash allocation and rebalancing on old systems or spreadsheets is fraught with operational risk and is often heavily exposed to key person risk.

InvestPro optimises this process by automating the capture of a client’s cash movements into fund of fund structures and converts them into trade orders. It generates forecasted cashflows from estimated data in advance of the asset valuation points to comply with investment mandates and ensure other unitholders’ investments do not get diluted or enhanced by daily cash positions.

InvestPro offers the most advanced fund of funds technology available and is proven to deliver operational efficiency gains whilst reducing operational and key person risks.

Handles high volume of funds

Supports complex fund structures with ease

Hands off operation

Accommodates suspended funds

Target date funds

Key Benefits

Boost Investment administration efficiencies, reduce operational costs and mitigate risk

  • Convert unit/share in fund of fund movements easily
  • Synchronized timing of trade execution and unit creation
  • Create new shares/units in collective funds directly from client cashflows
  • Algorithmic calculation of trade orders and automatic placement of trades to market
  • Implicit and explicit box management functionality for all funds
  • Configurable compliance rules ensure allocations are checked before approval
  • Automated Model Portfolio rebalancing and risk monitoring settings
  • Manage higher volumes of funds with little increase in time or staff cost

Unit Pricing and NAV

What it does for you

  • Market data interfaces to all major providers
  • All major asset classes covered
  • Full audit trail and history of records of past valuations
  • Exception based reporting
  • Accounting for asset disposals on the first-in first out or average cost basis
  • Complex fund charging structures
  • Allowance for UK ‘I-E’ taxation provisions for life funds
  • Multiple valuations on a single date to fulfil separate requirements

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Oversight & Audit

What it does for you

  • Meet compliance requirements and reduce financial and reputational risk.
  • Pre-loaded with best-practice validation rule checks.
  • Complete user control/ configuration over rule settings.
  • Increase regulator, board and policyholder approval and satisfaction.
  • Best of breed validation rules out of the box with easy customisation.
  • Low touch, highly automated and exception based.
  • Intuitive user interface makes configuration easy for all users.

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Asset and Portfolio Valuations

What it does for you

  • Produce lightning fast valuations
  • All major asset classes covered
  • Inbuilt links to external data providers
  • Exception based automation increases operational efficiency
  • Full drilldown records of past valuations as standard
  • All fund structures covered, flat, tiered and a combination of both
  • Supports complex individual fund charging structures
  • Realise administration efficiencies through automation

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What it does for you

  • Automate KID production in a controlled environment
  • Minimise dependencies on external parties
  • Covers direct funds, fund of funds and single and regular premium PRIIPs
  • Exception based processing to reduce risk
  • Data analytics on the PRIIPs dataset
  • Produces additional point of sale material
  • Pre and post-sale PRIIPs including KID charges calculations

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Fund Performance

What it does for you

  • Accurate fund performance straight from the investment database.
  • Achieve operational Alpha in asset management by streamlining and automating fund performance.
  • Auditable record of all fund performance calculations in the Invest|ProTM database.
  • Reduce the operational risks of transferring data to other systems and using spreadsheet macros.
  • Decreased costs for data management.
  • Increased Administrative efficiency.
  • Effortless sharing of all performance calculations.
  • Comprehensive graphical analysis of fund performance and risk metrics.
  • Powerful Reporting – Deliver detailed, granular, insights into historical fund performance over any chosen time period.

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What it does for you

  • Reduce operational risk across investment administration
  • Verified asset positions for robust reporting
  • Reduce the risk of mismatch and errors with daily automated bank reconciliations
  • Independent checks on trading functions
  • Matches multiple banks to system transactions
  • Find data exceptions before they become financial problems

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