Capital Stock

Processing capital stock on old systems or spreadsheets is fraught with operational risk and is often heavily exposed to key person risk. InvestPro optimises this process by automating the integration with policy admin systems to capture aggregate variable annuity/life account holders requested transactions. These are automatically fed into subaccounts and through fund of fund structures and converted into market trade orders.

InvestPro can generate forecasted capital stock from estimated data in advance of the subaccount’s asset valuation points to comply with investment mandates and ensure other unit holders’ investments do not get diluted or enhanced by daily cash positions.

InvestPro offers the most advanced fund-of-funds technology available and is proven to deliver operational efficiency gains whilst reducing operational and key person risks.


Handles high volumes of funds

Supports complex fund structures with ease

Hands off operation

Accommodates suspended funds

Target date funds

Key Benefits

Boost Investment administration efficiencies, reduce operational costs and mitigate risk

  • Synchronised timing of trade execution and capital stock creation
  • Create new shares/units in subaccounts directly from contract owners’ cashflows
  • Algorithmic calculation of trade orders and automatic placement of trades to market
  • Implicit and explicit box management functionality for all funds, e.g. to manage seed funding
  • Configurable compliance rules ensure cash allocations are checked before approval
  • Manage growing fund volumes with the same human resource and cost base

Unit Values

What it does for you

  • Valuation of all major asset classes
  • Calculation of net asset values and unit values
  • Unit values are automatically verified against appropriate benchmarks
  • Comprehensive drill-down reports via a web-based analytics application allow users investigate exceptions
  • Market data interfaces to all major providers to source security prices and FX rates
  • Customisable validation rules are used to automatically verify process inputs
  • Complex fund charging structures - calculation of asset-based fees and rebates accruals and deductions
  • Processing of mutual fund dividends

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GAAP and Statutory Reporting

What it does for you

  • Full drill-down records of past valuations as standard
  • Automated reporting at the push of a button
  • Multiple valuations on a single date to fulfil separate account requirements
  • Reduce operational risks associated with using spreadsheets
  • Links to multiple data sources via integrated links with market data vendors

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General Ledger

What it does for you

  • Integrate your corporate general ledger directly to InvestPro
  • Our mapping tool allows automatic syncing
  • Powerful GL data available for deep analytics
  • Rich controls to oversee compliance
  • Increased internal risk management capabilities

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Trade Order Management

What it does for you

  • Manage the entire trading life cycle efficiently
  • Automated order management processing reduces errors
  • Customisable workflows for different security categories
  • Links to major trading platforms and settlement counterparties
  • All trading stages and processes are user-configurable
  • Alerts, rule breaches and management information analytics for increased oversight
  • Scalable to millions of transactions per day

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Fund Performance

What it does for you

  • Accurate fund performance straight from the investment database
  • Auditable record of all fund performance calculations
  • Reduce operational risks of incorrect performance statistics
  • Data Modelling visualisations to increase fund performance efficiency
  • Effortless sharing of all performance calculations
  • Comprehensive graphical analysis of fund performance and risk metrics
  • Uncover detailed financial insights to help leverage assets and gain more insight

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What it does for you

  • Reduce operational risk across investment administration
  • Verified daily asset and cash positions
  • Matches multiple banks to system transactions
  • Find data exceptions before they become financial problems

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