Software for Unit Values and Separate account subaccounts.

InvestPro provides a modern web-based integrated solution for the investment management of variable and annuity separate account subaccounts, investment divisions, mutual funds and the fund of funds structures into which they invest.

InvestPro contains a fully integrated general ledger that produces financial statements for funds, subaccounts and portfolios.

InvestPro manages the entire trade life cycle efficiently, automating order management processing on a real-time straight-through basis for funds and sub-accounts to reduce errors. Cashflows for segregated mandates and non-unitized accounts are also fully automated.

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  • Unit Values, Unit Prices
  • Capital Stock
  • Trade Order Management
  • Integrated General ledger
  • Mutual Fund Dividends (and other distributions)
  • Reconciliation
  • Oversight

Key Features

InvestPro provides a modern web-based integrated solution for the investment management of variable life and annuity separate account subaccounts, mutual funds and the fund of funds structures into which they invest.

Unit Values/Individual Account Valuations

Tight controls and comprehensive drill-down reports for greater efficiency and compliance in investment portfolio valuations.

GAAP and Statutory Reporting

Automate periodic reporting with InvestPro, which can be fully integrated with multiple data sources.

General Ledger

Provides a full general ledger containing the chart of accounts for all investment activity and daily reconciliation of accounts.

Trade Order Management

Real-time, straight-through processing of trade orders in mutual funds, with access to major trading platforms in 30+ countries.

Fund Performance

Automate fund performance, modelling and reporting straight from the investment database.


Reduce the risk of mismatch and errors with daily automated bank reconciliations on custodian and bank files, with verified asset positions.

Capital Stock

Automate the capture of policyholders' cash movements into top-level collective funds and cascade money flows through all lower fund levels.

HNW & Private Placement Life Insurance

Automate routine daily processes delivering efficiency, accuracy and scalability with minimal human intervention.

Industry challenges

  • Growth in separate accounts and total AUM requires robust controls
  • Outdated technology reduces efficiencies and hampers growth
  • Manual processes and spreadsheets increase risk and cost

Invest|ProTM helps to

  • Minimize delays and errors in unity pricing & valuation
  • Manufacture and launch innovative products quickly and securely
  • Cut costs and lower operational risk
  • Benefit from a unified system for unit accounts, unit values & fund accounting

Configurable & Powerful


Automated Task Scheduler

Set automated processes and 'jobs' to run and complete before staff arrive for work to oversee activity.


Leading analytics

Add to the set of analytics rules to assist the flow of operations unhindered by humans, efficiently review exceptions.


Scalable architecture supports growth

Add funds and grow AUM without growing staff headcount.


Unrivalled domain expertise

With 20+ years in business, our expert team is led by actuaries, compliance, and IT specialists.

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