Software for Life and Pensions Companies

With the high level of M&A and consolidation taking place globally, life and pension companies need robust life assurance software to administer the increasing levels of activity in unit-linked funds, while mitigating investment operations risk.

InvestPro ensures firms can scale while building and maintaining trust with policyholders and scheme members, and meeting regulatory and compliance requirements. The multiple award-winning investment and fund administration system digitises and automates key processes like unit-pricing, Net Asset Values (NAV) and Fund of Funds (FoF) management, and provides tools and reporting to support operational oversight and resilience.

Arrange a demo to see how InvestPro can optimise the manufacture and investment administration of your life and pensions products.

  • Produce lightning-fast valuations of your funds and investment portfolios
  • Easily add new assets and funds without increasing overhead
  • Remove key person risk with exception-based reporting
  • Automation reduces the risk of human error
  • Transition staff from manual activities to review and oversight roles
  • Comprehensive audit trail with all data stored, archived, and date stamped
  • Access to investments and markets that generally are not available publicly via LTAFs

Key Features

InvestPro investment administration software is used for the manufacture and administration of life and pensions products. With a broad range of powerful features and capabilities, the software provides all the functionality needed to efficiently scale and manage increasing levels of activity in unit-linked funds while mitigating investment operations risk.

Asset Valuations

Quickly and securely automate complex processes of valuing unit-linked funds, fund of funds, mirror funds, shareholder and 'with-profits' funds.

Tax Accruals for UK Life Companies

Eliminate lag or loss of accuracy with automated and up-to-date taxation accruals for unit-linked funds.

Unit Pricing and NAV

Tight controls and comprehensive drill-down reports for greater efficiency and compliance in investment portfolio valuations.

Cash Allocation and Rebalancing

Automate the capture of policyholders' cash movements into top-level collective funds and cascade money flows through all lower fund levels.


Stay compliant and remove the risk of manual processes by automating all charge structures and calculations for charges and transactional fees.

Trade Order Management

Real-time, straight-through processing of trade orders in mutual funds, with access to major trading platforms in 30+ countries.

General Ledger

Provides a full general ledger containing the chart of accounts for all investment activity and daily reconciliation of accounts.


Reduce the risk of mismatch with daily automated bank reconciliations on custodian and bank files, with verified asset positions.

Self-service web portal

Launch new wealth products, grow distribution and boost client satisfaction by giving advisers and policyholders the ability to manage their portfolios online.


Automate the production and publication of Key Information Documents (KIDs) for PRIIPs for full compliance with European EIOPA regulation.

Fund Performance

Automate fund performance, modelling and reporting straight from the investment database.

Oversight & Audit

Reduce operational risk with an automated unit-price validation framework to identify and correct exceptions before they become costly problems.

Solvency II QRTs

Implement robust frameworks to conduct risk and solvency assessment and automate the production of Solvency II QRT reports.

Solvency II Unit Matching

Manage unit matching and underfunding of funds to optimise capital management and meet Solvency II requirements.

Box Management

Complete implicit and explicit box management functionality for life assurance companies.

Trustee Investment Plan (TIP) Administration

Automate your back-end TIP processing, i.e. order receipt, cash allocation and rebalancing, order transmission, scheme valuation and performance reporting.

Individual Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance (iCPPI)

A new generation of life insurance product

Industry challenges

  • Increasing fund numbers and AUM require robust controls
  • Outdated technology reduces efficiencies
  • Manual processes and spreadsheets increase risk

Invest|ProTM helps to

  • Reduce unit pricing delays and end errors
  • Manufacture and launch leading products quickly and securely
  • Cut costs and lower operational risk

Configurable & Powerful


Automated Task Scheduler

Set automated processes and 'jobs' to run and complete before staff arrive for work to oversee activity.


Leading analytics

Add to the set of analytics rules to assist the flow of operations unhindered by humans, efficiently review exceptions.


Scalable architecture

Add funds and grow AUM without growing staff headcount.


Unrivalled domain expertise

With 20+ years in business, our expert team is led by actuaries, compliance, and IT specialists.

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