InvestPro™ is the European Platform of choice for the world’s biggest Life Company

Financial Risk Solutions (FRS), a market leading provider of Life office investment administration software announced today that it has enjoyed record sales in the last year with new and extended contracts in all five markets that it operates in, namely England, Italy, Ireland, the Isle of Man & Sweden.

Over the last year FRS has added to it’s offering with two new products which solve current real challenges in the life assurance industry:

  • At Last November’s Life Convention in Liverpool FRS launched InvestComp™ - A group asset compliance & monitoring system which assists Solvency II SCR calculations on the asset side of the balance sheet.

  • In Q1 2012 InvestRetail™ came to market and has been adopted by two life assurance companies. This is a self-service web application which allows third parties to have secure access to the InvestPro™ application over the web.

The InvestPro™ system is widely used by life assurance companies to launch and administer collective unitised funds, personalised portfolio bonds and self-invested and self–directed pension products.

FRS sales & marketing director Frank Carr added:

“We are very encouraged by the number of new clients adopting InvestPro™ and our other complementary products. Since 1999 FRS has stuck to the simple rule of doing more of what we are good at and providing life assurance companies and the wider pension industry with strong software to empower their businesses well into the future”.