Individual Portfolios | Empower your clients to invest how and when they want

  • Offers fully functional wrap type products to your customers while leveraging your existing systems to maintain the infrastructure investments you have already made
  • Increases efficiencies by empowering customers to service their products and trade assets via FRS web portal Invest|Retail integrated into your website
  • Control and monitor client’s asset exposures using FRS’ investment governance modules
  • Create a scalable solution that can manage any number portfolios

The Invest|Pro™ solution is widely used by wealth managers to administer and control individualised portfolios. These are accounts which hold a variety of assets for the benefit of the policy or account holder. The Invest|Pro™ system integrates into existing business systems to transform traditional wealth management systems, such as unit linked life assurance, into a scalable web based platform suitable for fully functional multi asset management products.


Invest|Pro™ integrates with your existing business systems so that the functions that are already carried out by these systems are maintained and not duplicated.

Asset Choice

Invest|Pro™ handles a huge range of asset types including equities, fixed interest, discretionary accounts, derivatives and real estate allowing the client to use your company as their central wealth management package.

Advisor Support

Invest|Pro™ supports your investment advisors. Our portal, Invest|Retail allows the advisor view all their clients’ portfolios in a unified view.