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Asset Reconciliations

What it does for you

  • Greatly reduces operational risk in all areas of investment administration
  • Ensures you are working with current verified asset positions before reporting to clients, regulators or management
  • Reduce risk of fraud with daily automated bank reconciliations
  • Provides and independent check on the trading functions
  • Allow you to carry out daily reconciliations due to the efficient automated solution including the use of fuzzy logic to match multiple banks to system transactions.
  • Find your data problems before they become financial problems

Asset and bank reconciliations are the single greatest weapon against corruption of the investment database. However due to the non-standard format of custodian and bank files and the manual effort that this brings to the process it is usually unfeasible to carry out these checks as often as you would like to. With Invest|Pro™ we have used our datapump technology to allow virtually any electronic format issued by a bank or custodian to be imported into the system and used to carry out the reconciliations on a daily basis.

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