Individual Portfolios | Empower your clients to invest how and when they want


What it does for you

  • Increase your efficiency by allowing your advisors and customers to manage their own purchase and sale requests of assets within their portfolio.
  • Send your validated customer captured trade instructions straight to market without manual intervention
  • Allow customers to view valuations and transactions live on your company’s web portal

Invest|Retail™ is a self-service web application which allows third parties to have secure access to the Invest|Pro™ application over the web. Companies can incorporate the Invest|Retail™ web application into their existing corporate website and have a single user login. Invest|Retail™ can be branded to fit in with your own companies look and feel guidelines Each party type, e.g. Independent financial advisors, investment advisors, end clients, head office accounting department etc, are configured to have different access rights to the Invest|Pro™ application.

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