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Tax Accruals

What it does for you

  • Produces accurate and up-to-date taxation accrual calculations as integral part of portfolio valuations
  • Allowance for complexities of life industry taxation code including CGT deemed disposals
  • Full drill down reporting on accruals to security level data

For life companies, the calculation of tax accruals is one of the most complex and important parts of the valuation/unit pricing process. Of all of the valuation components, taxation is one of the most difficult to calculate. Failure to use current transactional data or failure to include all the elements of the tax code will lead to hard to detect errors in the unit price calculation. Invest|Pro™ is the only market solution which calculates the taxation accruals as a fundamental liability component in the valuation process. The results can also be used as part of the company’s corporate taxation model.

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