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Rules Management

What it does for you

  • Improve your corporate governance by defining your investment rules within the Invest|Pro™ solution
  • Discover your data problems before they become financial problems
  • Provides an auditable record of all checks carried out and signed off for each of the investment processes in your company
  • Extend the rules management into other non-investment processes in your company to give you a unified system of control with the highest standards of risk management

The Invest|Pro™ Rule Management module independently checks your processes and data for issues relating to data or process outputs which could potentially lead to errors or system failures. Rule exceptions, when they occur, are broadcast to a defined distribution list by email and SMS. Rules can block other processes from occuring where the system detects non-normal data patterns and requires such exceptions to be signed off by nominated persons.

On top of this the system maintains detailed logs when every rule runs and what breaches if any were found.

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