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Trade Management

What it does for you

  • Manage and control trades through the trading life cycle from creation to settlement
  • Trade efficiently and error free with pre-built links to multiple external trading platforms and settlement counterparties
  • Scalable solution capable of handling millions of transactions per day, aggregating trades where possible

Invest|Pro™ manages and tracks the status for asset transactions from initial order creation through to settlement. This trading workflow is customizable for different the security categories.

On Invest|Pro™ trade orders are sourced from the unit creation process (for collective funds) or via the Invest|Retail web portal for individual portfolios. Orders can also arise from a rebalancing exercise or where the portfolios are linked to a model portfolio which changes. Alternatively, the Invest|Pro™ UI allows investment professionals enter trades via a trading screen.

Using Invest|Pro’s trading validation algorithms, trading parameters are checked and may be forced through authorisation processes if necessary.

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