• Focus — We are 100% dedicated to building fund Investment administration systems for the life assurance industry and oversight software for the life and investment management industries.
  • Exceptional track record of customer success — Since our first implementation in 2001, more than 100 implementations have gone live in production.
  • Up to date technology — Our products are built using the latest proven technology and are mobile ready, secure and available when you need them.
  • Modular solutions — For maximum flexibility you can tailor your solution as and when you see fit by picking the modules you need.
  • Expert engineering — Our products go through thousands of unit tests each time an engineer makes a change to ensure you get the most reliable system possible.
  • Efficient implementation — Expert, lean, highly efficient implementation teams, with a typical team size of three FRS consultants.
  • Here for the long-term — We build our products to last, and we conduct business to have lifelong relationships with our customers. We have been doing just this since 1999.


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