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LIMRA Life & Annuity Conference 2023 – Salt Lake City
FRS' Tom Patterson and Peter Caslin will join many industry experts at this year's LIMRA Life Insurance & Annuity Conference
InvestOps 2023 – Orlando, Florida
Tom Patterson and Frank Carr from FRS are attending the InvestOps Conference in Florida from 27th to 29th March.
CMSF Annual Conference 2023 – Melbourne
Cian O'Driscoll from FRS will be at this year's AIST CMSF Conference in Melbourne, from 20th to the 23rd March.
IRI Annual Conference 2023 – Florida
Tom Patterson and David Kenny from FRS are attending the IRI Annual Conference in Florida from the 15th - 17th
ASFA Conference 2023 – Brisbane
FRS's Cian O'Driscoll is looking forward to this year's ASFA Conference in Brisbane from the 21st - 23rd of February.
Insurance Investor Live Europe – London
FRS is delighted to attend the Insurance Investors Live Europe in London on Thursday, January 26th.
Institute and Faculty of Actuaries Life Conference 2022 – Liverpool
FRS' Frank Carr and David Kenny are attending the IFoA Life Conference 2022.
Investment Operations Challenges Conference 2022 – Sydney
FRS is delighted to be a Gold Sponsor at the Investment Operations Challenges Conference 2022, on November 21st and 22nd.
Fund Operator Summit 2022 – London
FRS' Frank Carr will join many industry experts at this year's Fund Operator Summit in London on Tuesday, the 15th.
Canada FinTech Forum 2022– Montreal
FRS's Tom Patterson is looking forward to attending the Canada FinTech Forum 2022 in Montreal next Tuesday, 8th November.
10th Annual Post Retirement Forum 2022
FRS is delighted to be a Gold sponsor at this years 10th Annual Post Retirement Forum.
Unit Pricing Forum 2022 – Sydney
FRS is delighted to sponsor the IBR Conferences Annual Unit Pricing Forum 2022.

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