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Merging Super Funds and Operational Risk
Successor Fund Transfers (SFT) of Superannuation funds require new thinking around data management, automation and efficiency.
Data-driven Investment Operations
How the rapid growth of data, customer protections and regulation are driving a data-centric approach to Investment Ops.
Solvency II Unit Matching & Capital Efficiency for Unit Linked Business
Seeking to implement Solvency II unit matching at unit linked life insurance companies? Download this white paper for an overview
Fund of Funds: Global Adoption and Investment Administration Best Practice
The role of automated investment administration software in reducing the operational risk and increasing efficiency in FoF.
10 months until UCITS PRIIPs regulation - are you ready?
For Asset Managers selling funds in Europe, strategy and technology are crucial to minimising disruption, mitigating risk, and building trust.
FRS sponsors Fund Technology, Data & Operations Report
FRS is pleased to sponsor the ninth annual Fund Technology, Data & Operations, Europe 2021 Report from Clear Path Analysis.
Machines for Doing, Humans for Reviewing
This paper explores the role of automation in building a leaner, more tech-savvy operation.
Lockdown and Error Proof Unit Pricing
How the new normal presents the perfect opportunity to invest in technology to reduce the risk and reputational damage caused
Build vs. Buy - Key Considerations
Key considerations for life assurance, pensions firms and wealth managers in deciding to purchase software or build in-house.
Operational Resilience for Buy-Side Investors
How, with best practice and quality software, relationships can strengthen between Asset Managers and their outsourced providers.
Removing the Uncertainty from Digital Transformation
How new delivery methods, like continuous deployment, reduces the risks of software upgrades and improvements.
Remote Implementations in the New World
How to reduce risk and increase efficiency with a proven implementation plan for technology upgrades.